ðŸ’ēSubscription Plans

We offer four pricing plans with different features and functionalities. These are Growth, Scale, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

Which plan should I go for?

Growth Plan: If you get less than 50k monthly visitors and have at least 30-40 video content on your social media channels and are looking to leverage those content to increase engagement on the homepage and product pages. A growth plan might be the right fit for you.

Scale Plan: If you get less than 150k monthly visitors and have a lot of video content. And you want to create multiple video sections and touchpoints on the homepage, product page, and a few collection pages. You also want detailed video-level analytics along with Google Analytics integration.

Premium Plan: If you get less than 500k monthly visitors and have a very high engagement on social media channels. You need advanced customizations and third-party app integrations to give a highly immersive video shopping experience. You want to add videos on multiple category pages and create a dedicated video landing page as well.

Enterprise Plan: If you get more than 500k monthly visitors and want to increase conversion with highly converting video content with advanced customizations. You can also add video features to your app using our app SDK and also integrate with multiple stores.

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